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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hull Wants Season Canceled - Gretzky want to Play

from tsn, "It would be ridiculous," Hull told TSN on Tuesday. "Both sides have come this far and battled so hard on what they believe needs to be done. The game has suffered so let's just call it a wash and start next year." "We should just cancel (the season) now, get this thing done and let the teams prepare their staff, their season ticket and PR people and be ready." "I respect his opinion," said Gretzky. "Brett's played for almost 20 years, he's one of my closer friends, a wonderful guy and great for the game of hockey. If that's the way he feels, that's his opinion. I'm not going to sit down and try to hit him on the head to get him to change his mind."
I have a feeling if the season did start up, Hull might just be the same type player he was in the last half of the season in 2003-04. Wings fans remember his horrible production in the playoffs too.