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Thursday, February 10, 2005

THe NHL - The Forgotten League

from tufts daily, It has become the forgotten league; the league that no longer even garners attention on the back pages of newspapers' sports sections.
"On the same day, American media, Canadian media, and owners have reported three different things about the lockout. No one really knows what is going on or not going on," said Barbara Matson, a Boston Globe sports reporter who has followed and written about the NHL lockout extensively.
Matson places the blame on the owners and has little sympathy for them.
"You are simply talking about millionaires fighting billionaires," she said, referring to National Hockey League owners.
She believes their shortsightedness when negotiating the last collective bargaining agreement, created in 1995, is one of the primary reasons for the current lockout. The owners did not think about long-term issues.
"How can you expect 22-year-old players to account for issues such as inflation? It is the owners' responsibility," Matson said.