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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

NHLPA Press Conference

I am typing this in raw format, will clean it up later tonight.
Both have agreed to go back to the bargaining table to see if they can find some common ground.
Goodenow knows the NHL proposal was a transparent reflection of their proposal. None of the four trigger points are anything they can bargain on, they have been through that before.
Goodenow wants to work on some new concepts and NHL agreed. What would Goodenow agree to; Dec. 9th proposal would go a long way to change what the NHL wants to change. Reducing spending on players, a good framework to start with. Does not want to flip it but work on that proposal with the NHL.
Believes future discussions can lead to some positive agreement. Hopeful that both sides can reach an agreement, if there is a sincere initiative to negotiate, he is willing to do whaever he can.
He is looking for the fair and right deal. The players are focused on the right deal and wants to achieve that with the players.