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Sunday, February 06, 2005

The NHL's Silent Seven

from the philadelphia inquirer (req registration), Ed Snider. Yeah, the Flyers' founding father and chairman. The most successful businessman in hockey has elected not to wield his big stick thus far.
James Dolan. He runs powerful Madison Square Garden in New York, the largest market in the world.
Stanley Kroenke. He owns the Colorado Avalanche.
Mike Ilitch. He is the Little Caesars pizza magnate who owns the Detroit Red Wings.
Tom Hicks. He owns the Dallas Stars.
Richard Peddie. He controls the Toronto Maple Leafs and their entire entertainment group.
Philip Anschutz. He owns the Los Angeles Kings.
The Silent Seven represent many of the high-revenue clubs that keep the NHL afloat. Yet none of them has so much as raised his voice above a whisper during the lockout. At least, not publicly. Behind the scenes, some are pressuring Bettman.
Why haven't they spoken publicly to end this lockout?
"I've spoken to Ed Snider and [Comcast chief executive officer] Brian Roberts, and they say they can't do anything" to end the lockout, U.S. Rep. Robert Brady (D., Pa.) said last week. "They said they have taken an oath of solidarity."
An oath to back Bettman no matter what. An oath to commit hari-kari. An oath to break the union if need be.

If we want hockey this year, these gentelmen must step up to get the game back on the ice.