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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Voice of Doom

from mlive, I don't think doomsberry will mind me posting this.
No hope for a season. It is over. Stick a fork in it. The season has been doomed by the newer owners who are pulling Bettmans strings and who insist on cost certainty in a uncertain business. I fear we are in for a very long period of time without NHL hockey. These two sides are miles apart and the immediate rejection of proposals shows that the gap is not narrowing. Prepare for the worst. Sunday will be doomsday for the game. There is no hope. Stare optimism in the face and refuse to be a victim of its evil. Pessimism is the truth.If it is bad, it will happen. Stick your head in the sand and refuse to accept the inevitable and you will be unprepared for the resulting disappointment.