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Friday, March 04, 2005

blog- Breaking Sports Update

Some of you may have noticed I started adding a "category tag" on the left side of the title on each post. Breaking Sports will soon be adding posts from most major sports, so the tag will help you view only posts that you may have an interest in.

Also, when posting a comment, you have the option of adding your name instead of being "anonymous". All you have to do is check "other" and fill in your name, nickname, initials, etc. and no registration process is required. It does make it much easier for other people to respond to your comment.

I have added New York Times Sports headlines on the right sidebar. If you click on a headline, you will go directly to the full NYT story. This is a service provided by Breaking Sports and are not ads of any type.

The last addition is the Google Search feature on the right sidebar. You can also enter key words and search Breaking Sports, although not every post has been archived by Google as of today.