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Friday, March 04, 2005

nhl- Don Cherry- NHL WIll Start in 2006

from the edmontonjournal, How is that the two sides, who were $6 million apart, couldn't strike a deal?
"You know what I think, I think it's got personal now. The players have ticked off the owners and the owners are going to go to the well."
What of the possibility that replacement players will form the new NHL?
"I hope there isn't but if there is and I hear any player criticize a replacement, they're going to get it from me. Talk about hypocrites. They go over to Europe, 400 of them, and take those jobs. As far as I'm concerned all those guys over there are scabs."
Would the game sell with replacement players in the lineup?
"I don't know. I watch the American league and it's good but you won't see Sundin, you won't see Modano, and let's face it, they sell the tickets. But hey, when I hear the National Hockey League say there's going to be hockey . . . it's the way the NFL went. It's too bad. The players are never ever going to make that money back.
"Personally I think it's going to get started in 2006."
Days after the season was cancelled, there was a meeting in New York and the scuttlebutt was that a deal would be struck, one that revolved around a $45-million cap. Did it sound feasible?
"That was their best offer. At that number everybody gets hurt a little bit -- the National Hockey League and the players -- and that's the way it should be. I was in Kingston two weeks ago with Kirk Muller, and everybody there, including me, thought there was going to deal ... Something happened that night that killed it."