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Friday, March 04, 2005

nhl- Lets Talk Draft

from slam, By the looks of things, there will be no June amateur draft in the National Hockey League.
To have a draft, you have to have a collective bargaining agreement, and we all know where negotiations on that matter stand at the moment.
But what if an agreement were reached before June? Or what if an agreement were reached in time to start play this fall, with a draft in September? How does the NHL hold a draft after a season in which it was shut down?
This is one of the topics that came up for discussion at the league's recent board meeting in New York and, as might be expected, the opinions were diverse.
There did, however, seem to be general support for a system whereby a few lotteries are held -- perhaps six.
The bottom five teams in the 2003-04 standings would draw to establish the order of the first five selections. Then the teams that finished sixth-last through 10th-last would have another lottery to determine their order of selection and so on.