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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

nhl- Meet Your Future NHLers

from the starledger, If the league attempts to play next season using replacement players, it appears teams will have no trouble finding enough guys willing to step in. And that's not even taking into consideration those NHL players who would be willing to cross an anticipated picket line to go back to work.
"I'm under contract to Philadelphia. If the Flyers tell me to play, I'd play," said Josh Gratton, a center for the ECHL Trenton Titans and the cousin of NHLer Chris Gratton. "If it's as a replacement player, no problem. My goal is to play in the NHL."
Trenton Titans goalie Andrew Allen is realistic. He would be 29 years old before next season, has yet to play in the NHL and is still two levels away from the big time.
"I hope it doesn't come to having replacement players," Allen said. "For the sake of the game they need to get playing next fall with the NHL guys. But, from a personal aspect, I'd like to get that shot.