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Saturday, March 05, 2005

nhl- PA & NHL Need Each Other

from the mercurynews (reg. req.), Throughout a 172-day lockout, many felt that sanity would prevail. It not only hasn't, but it has become evident that the NHL and the players' association are insane.
One side is threatening to resume in the fall with replacement players. The other side is threatening to start its own league.
Both sides don't seem to comprehend that neither can succeed without the other.
The NHL needs to understand that the players are the product. Fans pay NHL prices to watch the speed and skill of NHL-quality talent. If owners think fans will watch a bunch of fringe ECHLers masquerade in NHL uniforms, they'll quickly witness the implosion of several franchises.
On the other hand, NHL players are dreaming if they think they can succeed in subpar markets in subpar arenas without the luxuries the NHL has to offer, such as million-dollar contracts, regardless of what salary-cap ceiling is established.

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