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Sunday, March 06, 2005

nhl- Time for the Players to Concede

from the delcotimes, Aaron Burr. Benedict Arnold. Darth Vader. And now -- me. That’s right folks, I’m about to play turncoat. I’m about to change my mind faster than a woman in a department store. I’m about to go against everything that my rational mind tells me is right and what is a bunch of malarkey.
But, in the crazy world that is the NHL labor war, the irrational makes more sense.
Don’t get me wrong, I still think Gary Bettman had as much to do with the downfall of the NHL as Claudius did in poisoning the fencing foil that killed Hamlet, but at this point, the players almost need to concede to the scoundrel and his blind loyalists in the ownership group.
You see, the players are being skewered like shish-kabobs and there is nothing that can stop that from happening.
Before the season was cancelled, the players stance was a good one, a strong one, the right one. Why let a collection of shrewd businessmen hide their profits in caliginous and shadowy bottom lines all the while acting out the part of paupers?
It was right to fight for their living. To fight for their jobs. If owning an NHL team wasn’t a profitable endeavor than many of the owners would have jumped at the $3.5 billion offer from two Boston area businesses last week to buy the entire league.
But they didn’t, which means, for the most part, the money keeps rolling in from every side.