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Thursday, March 03, 2005

nhl- Who Can Play

from the tennessean, Predators owner Craig Leipold says he has good news for local hockey fans: His team will be back on the ice this October.
But as to whether the players will look familiar, that remains to be seen.
Some observers have argued that U.S. labor laws won't allow for replacement players from foreign countries, and that certain provincial Canadian labor laws ban the use of replacement workers.
But Leipold says his legal counsel tells him otherwise on both counts.
''That is inaccurate information, according to what I've been told from labor lawyers,'' he said. ''Replacement players can be anybody, from Europe to Alaska or anywhere else. It's also my understanding that they can play in all 30 markets.
''American players went over to Europe to take the European players' jobs (during the lockout). So isn't it common sense that after being displaced from their own jobs, couldn't they come over here and fill the jobs of their American counterparts?''
Leipold says he believes Goodenow, who's guidance of the NHLPA has seen player salaries soar over the past decade, is the largest obstacle to the two sides reaching a deal.