Breaking Sports

Monday, May 23, 2005

Heads Up

  • ESPN is “considering doing away” with “NFL Primetime” when the new TV rights deals take effect in ’06, “instead doing a live show” at 6:00pm ET Mondays that would extend the live lead-in to “MNF.” Under the new deal, ESPN “is not allowed to do” a live show on Sunday at 7:00pm ET because NBC now owns those rights.
  • Advanced Micro Devices and Hewlett-Packard “are teaming up on a limited edition series of notebook computers in tribute to” Lance Armstrong. The computer, which will have the Livestrong motto “printed in yellow and his signature near the keyboard,” goes on sale June 22 for $999-1,399. H-P will donate $50 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for each computer sold.
  • The NFL “for the first time wants a part of all local revenue, and not just ticket money, to be shared among its teams.” The change, which could “take a cut of the more than $1[B] that teams currently keep 100% of, comes as part of a major revenue-sharing plan” the league will present at this week’s owners’ meetings in DC. While other plans will be presented, the NFL “clearly has come down on the side of subjecting every cent that flows through a team to revenue sharing with its peers.”
  • Blue Jackets President & GM Doug MacLean and a depleted staff are attempting to “maintain a rhythm, as if next season will start on time.” The team “has lost one of its five major sponsors, Bank One,” but MacLean said, “It isn’t finalized yet.” Also, during the “last year-plus, 45 people have left the Blue Jackets’ front office and have not been replaced.” MacLean indicated that 70% of season-ticket holders have kept their money with the team, which is paying interest.”