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Sunday, May 29, 2005

nhl- Bob Failing Players?

from the Montreal Gazette, If I was a National Hockey League player, I'd have a few questions running through my mind while sitting on the deck at my fancy summer cottage over the next few weeks wondering what the future might hold.
Most of those questions would be directed at players' association executive director Bob Goodenow, including whether he ever had a Plan B?''
Two more days of labour talks wrapped up Thursday in Chicago, with the NHLPA saying there is still a lot of work ahead before the NHL resumes play after NHL commissioner Gary Bettman locked out players Sept. 15. Yet if Goodenow had a Plan B before this mess began, his players would be on the ice right now in the heat of the Stanley Cup playoffs.
From Day 1 of the NHL lockout, Goodenow insisted the NHLPA would never accept a salary cap. Plan A seemed to be to wait until the owners cave in, and then the players can start counting their millions again.
There was good reason to have that strategy, since NHL owners had traditionally caved in to players' demands in the past. But no matter how fool-proof a Plan A might seem, you should always have a Plan B, no matter what business you're in. With a Plan B, the NHLPA might not have lost an entire season of wages for its members, with the possibility of a second lost season still up in the air....continued...