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Monday, May 23, 2005

nhl- Could this be the Week

from Stan Fischler and MSG Network, For the first time since the NHL season was cancelled last February, there appears to be genuine traction developing in negotiations between the league and its players’ association.
We’ll know for sure when the warring factions meet on Wednesday, starting with small groups – as they did last week in New York – and likely working toward a larger conference at week’s end.
Two disparate sources are reporting that the Big League Hockey Express – alias the A, as in Agreement, Train -- is rolling again toward its CBA Terminal.
When it will get there nobody knows but mid-June now is considered a distinct possibility.
One of the sources is NHL-connected and the other is union-linked, via a player representative.
The NHL source has been thoroughly realistic throughout the whole, ugly lockout mess. Not once has he exuded emphatic hope for a deal. At least, not until late Monday.
So, when I asked him the simple question about cause for optimism, I was stunned to the core when he answered in the affirmative.
"Yes, there is, although there’s always the possibility that the talks could explode,” he asserted. “And they could get derailed once or twice before we reach an agreement.”
Then, I phoned a former high NHL team official who still is extremely close to league happenings. He had just spoken to a player rep and was enthused.
“From what he tells me,” this well-known hockey person insisted, “a deal could be done by June 10th.” on...