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Friday, May 27, 2005

nhl- The Draft

from ESPN, Philadelphia Flyers general manager Bob Clarke called it "a potential nightmare for a lot of clubs."
Agent Mark Guy said it could be "a real logjam" and "probably won't look like anything that has happened before."
Said one scout about juggling all his reports: "Everybody's job is getting more complicated, so ours had to, I guess."
They're all talking about the NHL draft.
You'd be tempted to say "the 2005 NHL draft," but no one can say with any certainty that it will even take place this year. In March, the league canceled the festivities slated for June in Ottawa but has yet to announce a contingency plan. League officials have gone on the record with a guarantee that an entry draft will take place prior to taking the padlocks off NHL locker rooms, but in the absence of collective agreement, who knows?
"It could and should be this year," Clarke says. "But could it be canceled completely and not happen until [June 2006]? I don't think that you can rule anything out at this point."
While nobody knows exactly what the league will look like when it reopens for business, team executives, agents and players have some idea of what they're up against with the next draft – and it ain't pretty....continued...