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Saturday, May 21, 2005

nhl- Happy Days Again?

from Stan Fischler and MSG Network, Crank up the Zambonis.
Lay some ice.
Sharpen those blades.
Happy (NHL) Days MAY be here again.
That’s the word after four days of intensive meetings between the NHL and NHL Players’ Association which concluded late Friday afternoon at a secret Times Square location.
Bill Daly, the league’s chief counsel and lead negotiator, tells me that, “We are on our way home.”
Mind you, that does not mean the nine-month management labor war is over but an armistice certainly is in sight for the first time since the lockout began in September.
When I asked Daly for a realistic target date for completion of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, he pointed out that there remain a number of obstacles still to surmount.
“We still have a ton of issues to do,” Daly asserted, “but, if we continue on the same level that we did on Friday, it can get done by early June.”...continued...