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Friday, May 27, 2005

nhl- a Little More on Datsyuk

I was able to translate this page (give it some time to load) from Russian to English. We all know that nothing is confirmed and as I mentioned we should wait until we hear the Wings speak about this.

Markov Datsyuk - in the "dynamo"
Date: 27 May 08:06
Source: Soviet sport
Author: Gennadi THE ALARMS
It is review: 555
Contracts with the "dynamo" for next year concluded three players of the first five team Russia - defenders Andrey Markov, Sergey vyshedkevich and best player of the past season Pavel datsyuk. All three in the past season became the champions of the country.
The President of "dynamo" Anatoliy kharchuk described about the news of the command:
- we reached the understanding about annual contracts with Andrey Markov and Pavel datsyuk. Both agreed to speak in favor of "dynamo" even in the case of the cancellation of lock-out in NKHL. Now, even if overseas clubs want to secure these masters, they had to pay "dynamo" all transfer expenditures. Yes even to sell these players we are not intended. For two years is also signed the contract with Sergey vyshedkevichem.
Furthermore, Kharchuk itself presented the question to correspondent "SS": "why someone does consider that the pupil of our club Aleksandr ovechkin must leave from" the dynamo "? Anywhere we it will not let go!"