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Monday, May 23, 2005

nhl- Looking at June 10th

From Stan Fischler and FoxSports,
  • This just in from a source delivering a "guarantee" about the CBA. "It will be done by June 10." (This guy's crystal ball has a .750 batting average.) Reality tells us the following: 1. Many tough knots (arbitration, NHLPA rule over agents) remain untied; 2. Remember our infallible equation, which has been correct up until now: As long as Bob Goodenow calls the shots, there'll be no deal. And he's still calling them!
  • Yes, player unrest is palpable. But, then again, sheep get restless, too. No player has had the courage to step up and lead the anti-Goodenow faction the way Mike Milbury did against the first NHLPA boss, Al Eagleson.
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