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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

nhl- More Testing

from the Toronto Globe and Mail, The National Hockey League doesn't know when its next regular season will begin, but it has plans to test the number of rule changes that have been debated by the league's general managers and the NHL's hockey operations department.
The league will soon announce that representatives from its 30 member clubs will be in Toronto from June 6 to 8 to attend three days of scrimmages, in which different combinations of rule changes will be showcased.
"Everything will be under the spotlight, even the extreme proposals," a league source said.
That means one or more of the six scrimmages will be played with enlarged nets that were scrutinized at the general managers' meeting in the Detroit area last month.
The league is busy compiling rosters of 20-year-old junior players, such as Kitchener Rangers defenceman Andre Benoit, who are not attached to NHL teams. The invited players will be divided into teams that will play morning and afternoon games...more...