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Thursday, May 26, 2005

nhl- NHL Statement

Meetings conclude, more scheduled
CHICAGO (May 26, 2005) -- Representatives of the National Hockey League and NHL Players' Association today completed a two-day session of Collective Bargaining negotiations, after which the following statement was released by Bill Daly, NHL Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer:
"Further progress was made in reviewing and discussing League and Club financial and accounting issues. The parties intend to meet again next week."

OK, now everyone sit back and take a deep breath. No matter what you hear or read in the next four days or so, the meetings next week will be the deciding factor of where these CBA talks are going. Nothing will be done until Tuesday of next week at the earliest, so enjoy the long holiday weekend (Memorial Day in the States is Monday) and come back on Tuesday.
I am not chasing you away and will continue to update Breaking Sports, but remember, next week is the make or break week for the CBA negotiations.