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Sunday, May 22, 2005

nhl- Optimism, Why Now

from the Delcotimes, There may not be a ticker-tape parade planned, but it appears the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association may finally come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement before school lets out for summer. Sources from both sides have expressed optimism that a deal is near and that a major announcement could come as soon as next week, if not the week after.
Why now?
Well, word around the campfire is some of the league’s major sponsors have quietly told the NHL that unless a deal is in place by June 15 they will take their money someplace else.
Which is why both sides know that a deal needs to get done.
Players are pushing leadership to stop dragging their feet and get the deal done. The owners have decided they’ve lost enough money.
Sure, there’ll still be some posturing still from both sides. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has already threatened to cancel the 2005-06 season if a deal isn’t in place by the 15th.
Also expect union boss Bob Goodenow to throw out a couple more lines about how about there’s no progress being made.
And he will, no doubt, try to squeeze the owners any way he can the rest of the way, but rest assured, he will make some concessions in areas that have been non-starters for so long.
What exactly the new deal will entail is unknown, but expect a salary cap in the $45 million range.
It also appears that three things that as recently as a month ago were all but cancelled may once again be back on the table....continued...