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Friday, May 20, 2005

nhl- Progress not Discussed

from ESPN, Only the National Hockey League and its players could meet for four straight days, 22 hours over the past two, claim success, and then have nothing to say about it.
Continuing a logic-defying path embarked upon long before the game became marginalized and its very existence imperiled, the league and its players did just that Friday evening.
After meeting for more than 14 hours Thursday, the longest session since the 2004-05 season was canceled, the sides met for almost eight hours Friday. The last two days' meetings included all of the major players on both sides of the bargaining fence, including commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPA executive director Bob Goodenow, who met early Friday morning and then reconvened a full session mid-morning Friday.
When the dust settled Friday evening, NHL executive vice president and chief legal officer Bill Daly announced breathlessly via statement that "we had two long days of meetings in which the parties discussed and made progress on some of the key issues pertaining to a new economic system."
Daly's counterpart, NHLPA senior director Ted Saskin, was even more electric in his statement.
"While we made progress in some areas, there remain many issues to be addressed."
Last week Goodenow and Bettman canceled a flight to the world championships in Austria. This week the sides met for four straight days, including one marathon session and one surprise session, and that's it? That's all they can come up with to share with the world?
Those waiting for news from the Vatican got more out of medieval smoke signals than hockey fans get from the two warring sides in this dispute. Not that the league and its players have been anything but archaic in their handling of this entire mess. There are two explanations for the dropping of the cone of silence over the proceedings...