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Friday, May 27, 2005

nhl- Still Progressing

from Foxsports, Another week of negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA have ended no differently than in previous weeks, with both sides agreeing to carry on again next week following the Memorial Day weekend.
The optimism that earlier this week was vanishing returned by mid-week thanks to reports of both sides being "closer than they've ever been" in reaching a deal.
My own sniffing around only confirmed the usual "cautious optimism" among a few well-placed sources. It's apparent negotiations have advanced much further since agreeing to meet weekly over the past month, but as several observers have noted, all the two sides have done is made up ground that should've been covered months ago.
The only thing everyone can seemingly agree upon is that there remains much work to be done before a deal is closed.
The Ottawa Sun had an interesting blurb from an unnamed NHL source claiming the PA is essentially capitulating, suggesting the players have "fought the good fight" but no longer wish to have this lockout carry on into next season.
The Sun's source went on to say it now appears the PA is now only trying to get a face-saving deal in place.
On the surface, it certainly appears the players have folded. After months of rejecting a hard salary cap or linkage, they're now apparently willing to accept a team-by-team cap and, considering the time spent in recent weeks examining league and team finances, linking their salaries to a percentage of league revenues.
Appearances, however, may be deceiving.