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Monday, June 06, 2005

blogging- Sometimes a cruel World

Some of you may have read or heard about the article that appeared in Sports Business Journal (paid sub.) about a certain blogger two weeks ago. In the issue for this week, this letter appeared in letters to the Editor:

How You See It
"Do you realize what NHL blog is really like?"
Published June 06, 2005 : Page 24
Do you realize what a sham this Eklund is [“Blogger puts readers inside NHL labor talks,” May 23-29]? Do you realize at one time he begged people to click on his Google ads on his blog because he needed the money? Do you realize he told people back in November that the collective-bargaining agreement would be settled in less than a week, and he continued to do so until late February?
He deleted his old blog because there were so many wrong predictions in it. He refuses to allow comments on his blog because people have proved him wrong time and time again. He only allows people to join his forum and if they say anything contrary to his beliefs, he deletes their account.
You publication has lost an awful lot of credibility in the hockey world. An injustice to many fans has been done.
Roger Krison

Ouch!!! And the only comment I have about this blogger is I stopped reading his old blog when he told his readers he was at in the same Toronto hotel where a secret NHL CBA meeting was being held. He was the only person there, all media types were at a different location, but the blogger could not report what was going on because he had to go to dinner. Never another word was written about this and I stopped reading from then on.