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Monday, June 13, 2005

mlb- Hoopla Surrounding All Star Game

Of interest for Detroit area fans:

It’s only fitting that much of the sponsorship activation for MLB’s July 12 All-Star Game in Detroit involves automobiles, with MasterCard and new MLB sponsor General Motors leading the way. But there are also plenty of other plans in the works, all of it beginning to come together in the month leading up the game.
MasterCard is tweaking its usual “Hit It Here” promotion to award autos as prizes. Instead of a random ticket holder at the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game winning cash if a player hits an outfield sign on the fly, this year the winner gets a new car from MLB partner GM.
With an 11-year, $650 million sponsorship and content deal signed last October, XM Satellite Radio is looking at the All-Star Game “as our coming-out party,” according to Howard Jacobs, XM’s new senior vice president of partnership marketing.
Along with ads during the television broadcast of the game, XM has taken title sponsorship to Sunday’s All-Star Futures Game between top minor leaguers, and will share branding on 1,200 street banners with John Hancock.
XM will have street teams providing samples of its product in and around the FanFest and Comerica Park. It will broadcast live from various locations around the festivities and have a “listening lounge” at the FanFest.
Meanwhile, Taco Bell will brand the ticket holders/lanyards for the Taco-Bell-sponsored Futures Game and the Taco Bell All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game on July 10.
Fans at the July 11 Gatorade-titled workout day and Century 21-titled Home Run Derby receive a Century-21-emblazoned “Fan Dana,” an accordion-like pocket fan.
For the All-Star Game, MLB co-opts a long-time Super Bowl tradition by placing souvenir cushions on every seat in Comerica Park. Chevy will have its brand on the outside, while XM will have a special offer stuffed inside, along with a MasterCard air freshener and a Pepsi ticket holder/lanyard.
MLB is adding a “Sponsor Zone” outside the ballpark where consumers can view and sample various sponsors’ products.