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Thursday, June 30, 2005

mlb- Red Carpet for Detroit

Entertainment and sports continue to meld. MLB is planning a red carpet-style pregame show on FSN as the lead-in for the July 12 All-Star Game telecast on Fox. MLB sponsor sources said the show will run from 7:00-8:00pm ET across all FSN outlets and attempt to create an Oscar-like atmosphere with baseball’s best arriving on a red carpet outside of Detroit’s Comerica Park.
In an era where branded content is all the rage, the players will be shuttled from a downtown location in a caravan of more than 40 cars from new MLB sponsor Chevrolet, which will also have advertising in the show, as well as sponsorship of the pregame show on Fox.
The show will be produced by FSN and aired “live to tape.” On-air talent is expected to be an amalgam of “BDSSP” hosts and the regular “MLB on Fox” crew. MLB is hoping the show will attract more casual sports fans to the All-Star Game, which has garnered indifferent ratings in recent years even though it now determines home field advantage in the World Series.