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Friday, June 10, 2005

nba- Sound Familar?

NBA Deputy Commissioner Russ Granik told members of the NBA’s Competition Committee “to prepare for a lockout,” according to four league sources, including two GMs, reports Chad Ford of One source said, “There’s going to be a lockout. I don’t think there’s any way we get a deal done any time soon. ... Players don’t really believe a lockout will hurt them in the summer. It won’t be until there’s a threat of losing that first paycheck that they’ll get serious about negotiating again.” A source with the NBPA said, “I think NBA Commissioner David Stern has always wanted to lock us out. ... They act like they don’t have anything to lose, but I think they do. The summer league, free agency, NBA players’ playing in the qualifying tournament for the World Championships.” An agent added, “I think both sides will take the month of July off. I think we’ll head back to the table in August and have something hammered out by September”.