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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

nhl- Are you Listening

via the Mercury News, Good news and bad news on a summer sports day ...
Good news: The NBA managed to reach agreement on a new contract Tuesday with 10 days still to run on its existing one, and before the current season even ended.
The deal still needs to be ratified and there are plenty of questions, mostly revolving around the 19-year-old minimum-age requirement. Like, will it stand up in court? Would the next LeBron James really have to pretend to go to college for a year, wasting his and some college's time? But the hard work appears to be done. A lockout has been avoided.
Bad news: The NHL probably isn't even paying attention. If it was, Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow could see that you don't have to take negotiation talk personally. After all, David Stern and Billy Hunter got downright nasty last week: Stern said the union was about to make a mistake of "epic proportions," and Hunter predicted a "death knell" for the NBA and even played the race card in negotiations. Yet it was just talk - they got a deal done.
Not the NHL. The murmur of excitement that a deal was near has quieted into more endless meetings. It appears the NBA learned something from the NHL mess. Sad if the lesson isn't reciprocated.