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Monday, June 27, 2005

nhl- Bettman and Stern

from The Maven and MSG Network, Media jackals always love to circle an easy victim and then sink their keyboards in with a vengeance.
For 10 months such print and electronic predators have feasted on the bloodied NHL.
Thus, it hardly surprised the civilized world that, about one-milli second after David Stern signed a new NBA CBA with Billy Hunter, the journalistic jackals jumped the icemen, yet again.
The standard question was this! If Stern and Hunter could gift-wrap the NBA package so fast—and without blowing a season—how come those (alleged) NHL dolts could not?
Needless to say the press predators—once they get down to the NHL bones—couldn’t care less about an answer.
But there is a good reason why. For starters, Stern in no way embarrassed his old basketball pal, Gary Bettman by averting a hoops lockout....more...