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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

nhl- Biggest hurdle Cleared

from the Toronto Globe and Mail(reg. req. maybe), The National Hockey League and the NHL Players' Association have cleared the biggest hurdle in their labour negotiations by agreeing on a formula for a salary-cap system based on team-by-team revenue, according to separate sources.
This has been the most contentious issue between the owners and players, but the sources also said it does not mean a new collective agreement is close to completion. The negotiating teams are now working on salary arbitration, free agency, qualifying contract offers and other issues, any of which could be deal-breakers.
"They still have a ways to go," one source said, although with the cap issue settled there is much more reason for optimism that a deal can be reached by early July.
NHL vice-president Bill Daly, the league's chief negotiator, declined to confirm or deny anything. But Daly did say publicly on Tuesday that the negotiators had moved on to other issues....continued...