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Friday, June 24, 2005

nhl- Bobby Hull Speaks Out

via TSN, With the National Hockey League and NHL Players' Association slowly inching towards a new collective bargaining agreement, Hall of Famer Bobby Hull still had some harsh words for both sides.
Hull, who was in Toronto Friday to promote an interactive 'Shoot For a Cure' exhibit at the Hockey Hall of Fame, didn't hold back any punches on the owners, players and NHLPA Executive Director Bob Goodenow.
"It's kind of crazy," he told reporters.
"You have billionaires against millionaires. I always thought (Bob) Goodenow wasn't doing the right thing for the kids. He was leading them down the garden path. He was hand-picked by Alan Eagleson and that's all you need to know."
With the NHL enduring its labour problems last year, Hull tried to help launch an alternative for fans in the World Hockey Association. The league, aimed at providing fans with an exciting brand of hockey at affordable ticket prices, never took off.
The NHL and NHL Players' Association have been meeting for weeks now, working away at what appears to be a resolution to the 282-day work stoppage.
"Hockey is a great game, but they've lost sight," Hull added.
"The kids don't care about the game anymore, they don't care about the fans, nor do the owners. The most important people are being taken out of the picture. They need to get back to realize what the game of hockey is and has been, get the families back to see the game and get the grassroots people - the fans - back to see the game again."