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Thursday, June 30, 2005

nhl- Can it still blow Up

from the Maven and MSG Network, Racing’s Triple Crown is long gone but the NHL’s Run for the Rubles is just into its homestretch.
And if you’re wondering what hockey’s Triple Crown is these days, I’ll be happy to tell you. It goes as follows:
1. A brand new Collective Bargaining Agreement completed, hopefully, by mid-July.
2. The Sidney Crosby Sweepstakes; otherwise known as the 2005 Entry Draft. Target date is August. Probable venue: Ottawa, as originally planned.
3. Unveiling of the New NHL’s array of entertaining, speed-up-the-game rules.
As any racing fan knows, to win the Triple Crown, you first have to take the Derby. Likewise, if this NHL Triple Crown is to be achieved, the absolute first victory must be completion of the CBA.
And, therein lies the problem.
Getting the darn thing completed is fine, but even as the ink dries, there remains the threat of a build-up to a let-down....more...