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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

nhl- Cater to the Fans

via Slam, Congratulations to the NHL for finally showing the courage to consider substantial changes to its game.
Sports is about catering to fans, not Old Boy traditionalists who can't recognize a sinking ship when they see one.
But before Gary Bettman and the general managers do anything more than shrink the goalie equipment, they need to address the schedule. Right now there are simply too many games that just don't matter and, thus, too many nights when everyone is going through the motions.
That has to be fixed. First, because without any intensity in the air, a 7-6 shinny game with big nets and no red lines is no more exciting than a 2-1 trapping contest.
Give us significantly fewer regular-season games (even if that means an expanded playoff format) and more divisional play to foster rivalries.
In short, give us a climate where every game matters because when NHLers are going all-out, there's no better sport in the world.