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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

nhl- CBA Close

A long time reader of Breaking Sports just emailed me and said Jim Lites, President of the Dallas Stars, was on Dallas radio this morning and basically said the CBA is a done deal.
I am sure this coincides with Dallas coach Dave Tippett agreeing to a two year contract.

update 11:42am, taken from a Stars forum, Jim Lites was just on with Norm Hitzges...talking about things...he agreed that you can assume the lockout is over even though it has not been announced...
also talked about a clause similar to what the NBA instituted allowing clubs to buyout certain long term deals to benefit the cost effectiveness of the coming year, because he expects the cap to decrease in year two.
Bill Guerin's name was mentioned for dallas
and Jim also mentioned that Hatcher would be bought out in Detroit if that clause was part of the new deal.
the pool of free agents that would include standard players as well as bought out players like Guerin, Hatcher, LeClair, et al would be near 500 players.
there will be $10 in the upper and $50 in the lower bowl season tickets.
he says they expect to roll back prices all around from 10-20%.
he says he is not as scared as he was in 1993, but it will be tough to get the fan base back.

update 3pm, I am getting quite a few visitors from a Polish hockey forum. The translation below is just a little greeting to them.
Mile widziany Polski hokej miłośnicy.