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Thursday, June 23, 2005

nhl- CBA Recap

from 640 Toronto, Last nights meeting turned into this mornings, as they went to nearly 1am. I was told earlier in the week that both sides wanted to conclude the CBA by Friday here in Toronto and judging by the length and the lateness of the meetings it could very well come to an end within the next couple of days. Not much has leaked out from yesterdays session which is no surprise because of the time that things finished and I'm sure they might be sleeping on things right now. The players and owners will reconvene today.
The draft lottery looks to be set for the second week of July with the actual draft coming in week one of August. ISS a company that prepares mock drafts, held the ping pong ball lottery yesterday and Toronto won. No word on whether or not the Leafs dealt the pick for Tom Kurvers.