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Monday, June 27, 2005

nhl- CBA talks for this Week

via 640 Toronto, The CBA discussions are back on again today in New York. The talks are suppose to last all week, the participants will be Daly, Saskin, Batterman and McCambridge, with the addition of more lawyers for both sides. The reason for the extra lawyers is to speed up the process of completing the documented CBA, as they want it done by Thursday as they could run into legal problems with free agents on July 1st. I'm sure some fans are still concerned about why the talks are taking so long but one person close to the talks said "we are further along then the NBA is and they announced a deal already, we won't announce anything until it is written in stone." The NBA announced a resolution to their new CBA last week, however they just have a verbal agreement and haven't met to write anything up. Take that as a good sign for the NHL.