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Sunday, June 26, 2005

nhl- Cost, Certainly

from Newsday, We've yet to reach the post-lockout recovery, and already the NHL has some concerns in its post-lockout recovery.
St. Louis Blues owners Bill and Nancy Laurie have decided that whatever cost certainty the new collective-bargaining agreement brings still won't be certain enough to make running an NHL team affordable for them.
Makes you wonder: If it can't work in an established NHL market such as St. Louis, how it's going to work in Carolina and Nashville?
Despite Gary Bettman's cost-certainty campaign promises of yore, the Lauries are selling because the new CBA won't erase the lost millions of the past. And without even a hint of U.S. television money, it certainly can't promise more revenue. All it can promise is to provide a more stable business model that will keep all teams on an even ice surface....more...