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Monday, June 06, 2005

nhl- D-Day for the CBA

from The Maven and MSG Network, In military-historic terms, it honors the Allied heroes who stormed the Normandy beaches to throw back the Nazis on that momentous day in 1944.
In the most contemporary of hockey terms – and times – D-Day refers to D, as in Date. As in THE date when the new NHL-NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement is signed.
In my estimation, three NHL D-Days are most likely in terms of a settlement of hockey’s Civil War. They are as follows:
MID-JUNE – Take your pick; either June 16 or June 21. Optimists believe that negotiations between ownership and the union have proceeded well enough for a peace parley to be called around one of those days. This would allow teams sufficient time to sell season tickets and pursue advertisers.
JULY 1 – The more realistic approach suggests nothing can be finished in June. There remain several knotty issues to unravel and a most complicated CBA to be authored in final form. NHL lawyers correctly are wary of loopholes that could prove a problem in the manner of the 1995 CBA. Waiting until the start of the next month provides ample time to erase loopholes, dot i’s and cross t’ much more...