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Thursday, June 16, 2005

nhl- Deal is not a deal until it is Done

from Bob McKenzie and TSN, You can't begin any discussion of the NHL labour situation without the usual disclaimers and provisos, that a new CBA isn't done until it's all done, that things could still blow up, yada, yada, yada.
As true as all that may be, this process finally looks as though it's headed towards the homestretch. Mind you, all people really want to know at this point is when is the lockout over; when will the NHL and NHL Players' Association announce game on?
Well, if you're in one of those end-of-lockout office pools, the end of the month, in or around June 30th or July 1st, looks like the best-case scenario for an official announcement, and it could conceivably drag on later than that. But the best guess from both sides is that another solid two weeks of work could, or should, produce a new, complete CBA.
It's a painstaking process because this time around, unlike the lockout of 1994-95, the NHL will not formally announce it is over until the league has a detailed, completed CBA document fully agreed to by the NHLPA. That means they are drafting the actual document as we speak, so when they call the news conference for June 30th or July 1st or July 7th or 14th or whenever it is, the only unfinished business will be ratification for each side....continued...