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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

nhl- Dome rips hardline Owners

from the Toronto Globe and Mail, Tie Domi, who did not want to address the possibility he may have played his final game as a Toronto Maple Leaf, nevertheless had plenty to say about the hardline and small-market National Hockey League club owners who have battled his friend, Leafs part-owner Larry Tanenbaum, during the lockout.
"You look at a guy like Jacobs, for example, he had one of the jewels of the United States and he just let it go," Domi said. "He did nothing to improve his team, did nothing to market his teams.
"The same with the guy in Chicago [Wirtz]. He doesn't show his games on TV. How much do these guys really care about their teams and the game and about winning?"
"The guy in Los Angeles [Philip] Anschutz, he probably doesn't even know his players' names," Domi said. "Larry [Tanenbaum] knows every player's name, and his wife's name and his kids' names. It's pretty special to be part of this group."