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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

nhl- Fans will heal faster than Players

from the Toronto Sun, Harry Sinden believes the public will re-embrace the National Hockey League after its shoddy treatment of the fans, but isn't sure about healing the rift between owners and players after the lockout ends.
"That remains to be seen," said the Boston Bruins' president, a noted hawk in past dealings with the National Hockey League Players' Association.
The betting is that a collective bargaining agreement will be hammered out in the next month with a salary cap, once antithetical to the players' pre-lockout platform. Careful not to fire up the rhetoric again, Sinden said the owners' case has stood up through the ensuing nine months of haggling for a new economic order.
"Going in, I knew the truth and the truth was the league had no alternative (but to cancel the season)," he said yesterday. "When you really don't have an alternative, it's a very difficult negotiation for both sides to come to grips with."
Sinden has no doubt there will be sore feelings when the players return, but hopes the two sides can move on....more...