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Monday, June 13, 2005

nhl- Getting to the Finish Line

from The Maven and MSG Network, The Triple Crown is over with but certainly not the racing season; hockey-style.
If ever there was a breathtaking, homestretch gallop, it begins this week when the NHL and NHL Players’ Association begin pounding toward their “finish line,” otherwise disguised as a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Make no mistake, the race is on with approximately two weeks remaining to whip through complicated and contentious details.
In the eyes of several league executives July 1st is the figurative finish line. The pace of meetings this week will go a long way toward determining whether the CBA race will be won.
For other NHL folks, the finish line could be as late as July 16 – but not a day later.
“If we can’t get it done by July 1st,” one high NHL club executive tells me, “it will make it very tough to market our game for next season.”
Mind you, he didn’t say the word “Impossible,” but there certainly was that implication in his voice.
Others agree that July 1 would be preferable but contend that a deal by mid-July still would allow for a hurry-up rallying of advertisers, ticket sales and broadcast business people, among other challenges necessary to re-start the on...