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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

nhl- HHOF Hurting

from the CP via Sportsnet, The Hockey Hall of Fame has taken a hit from the NHL lockout as far fewer people walked through its doors this winter.
"Because of the lockout, it's affected our walk-in traffic by 40 or 45 per cent," Hall chairman Bill Hay said Tuesday. "Our strong months are July, August and September and then we weaken a little bit, but we never recovered through Christmas.
"A big part of it is, without the Leafs playing at home, the Detroit fans and Buffalo fans that come with the teams, they always come through the Hall. We're really missing that."
The Hall unveiled a $750,000 expansion of its World of Hockey Zone on Tuesday.
The exhibition is devoted to hockey around the world, not the NHL, which Hay hopes will interest hockey fans turned off by the lockout.
"They're a little bit sour at the game and we're not the NHL Hall of Fame as you can see with the opening here," Hay on...