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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

nhl- Idiot Proof

from Al Strachan and the Toronto Sun, As the negotiations between the National Hockey League and its players' association drag on, day after day, week after week, month after month, fans wonder what can be taking them so long.
Especially when it is accepted that both sides have agreed to agree on the basic concepts of a deal.
In simple terms, it's the complexity of the document.
The NHL is trying to create a new economic system. It has decided that the age-old concept of supply and demand is not viable for its endeavours. (The system has worked since cave men traded mastodon meat for stone axes, but it's not good enough for the NHL.)
So the league has to create new rules, new agreements, new understandings, new formulae, new restrictions and new limitations.
After all, the over-riding reason that was the backbone of the owners' lockout has not disappeared. The players provided the league with a perfectly workable system back on Dec. 9 and even offered to roll back salaries to the level that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman had demanded. But Bettman turned down that offer for the simple reason that he couldn't trust the owners to use common sense.
The starting point offered by the players is fine, Bettman said, but if left to their own devices, the owners will create an inflationary spiral that extends far beyond their ability to fulfill their commitments.
He hasn't changed that view. He doesn't trust the owners the least bit, and therefore, when the new system is put into place, it must be idiot-proof....more...