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Monday, June 06, 2005

nhl- Improve the NHL Camp Kicks Off

from the Hockey News, The NHL is kicking off three days of experimental scrimmage hockey in Toronto today with a radical proposal to improve the game.
First up in the morning session is a look at the Boston Bruins’ “open ice” concept, under which the only relevant line on the ice is drawn above the faceoff circles in the defensive zones. Once a puck-carrier crosses that line, everything would be allowed – i.e. no icings will be called, no passes would be called back for being too long and there would be no such thing as offside.
The NHL says it will watch for promising trends over the three days in what is being billed as a “research and development” camp. There will be two scrimmages a day and all of the ideas that have been tossed around to boost excitement and scoring chances – smaller pads, bigger nets, two-line passes, new lines in different places – are on tap. Players recruited to participate include overage juniors and college players.
The afternoon session on Monday features larger nets and no red line. Tuesday is set to be the testing ground for zero tolerance on infractions against the puck carrier, plus more liberal passing rules using a new line across the top of the faceoff circles that would modify icing and offside rules, as advocated by Scotty Bowman...continued...