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Thursday, June 09, 2005

nhl- It is all screwed Up

via Alan Hahn & NYNewsday, And so begins what expects to be a furious competition within the hockey media to be the first outlet to report the end of the NHL lockout. Wednesday's report in Toronto's Globe & Mail trumpeted an alleged agreement of a salary cap structure that, for most, had been believed to be a given for quite some time.
Those working within the negotiating room were annoyed by the report -- "As screwed up as most 'reports'," said one person involved in the situation -- which was not the first premature report by the media during this lockout. With an agreement on the horizon, anything said lately by the parties directly involved in collective bargaining has had a delicate, cautious tone.
"We're working in small groups and subcommittees over the days to come," the person said. "There won't be any piecemeal reports about what's resolved and what's remaining. The process really doesn't benefit from that kind of analysis."
"It ain't over 'till it's over," the person added. "Many a labor negotiation has blown up over some small piece after the main piece is 'settled'."
Though it mostly reinforced what had been widely reported by several other outlets, including the New York Post, the Globe & Mail, based on sources, outlined a system that involved salary ranges based on revenue, maxing out at $34 million to $36 million per team with a minimum of $22 million to $24 million. The newspaper reported a dollar-for-dollar luxury tax at the mid-range, perhaps $29 million.
"It isn't coming from here," said a person close to the NHL's negotiating team. "And it wouldn't make sense for it to be coming from the PA. We're working hard; long hours and going through everything."
The person reiterated the point that while the process could be resolved within the month, it could go into July only because of diligence by both sides. Neither is in a rush to make a premature announcement and produce the same false hope that came in February, when a last-ditch attempt to save the 2004-05 season failed.