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Friday, June 17, 2005

nhl- Leafs Lunch

They had a writer on from CP, Pierre LeBrun, and he said Gary and Bob are still running the show even though they may not be in the room at all times.
Of course, there are disagreements, but those are worked out and if things were as bad as they are written, Bob would have been gone long ago. Said Goodenow will sign-off on the deal. Goodenow did warn the players that if they did not want a cap deal, they would have to sit out 2 years but many players did not want to wait that long.
LeBrun says prevailing wisdom is all 30 teams will get a shot at #1 draft pick, but it will be weighted.
Pierre mentioned there is not one single issue still out there, but a lot of give and take being done, so an issue could be wrapped up today, but they may go back to it on Monday, etc...