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Monday, June 27, 2005

nhl- Leafs Lunch

Larry Brooks was just on and said July 6th for a CBA is "optimistic"; many issues still remain and then they have to be written up to the liking of both sides.
Question brought up about player buyout, will that be a lump sum or a will it be paid over a certain amount of time. Two conflicting stories are out there, teams will be able to pay the buyout over the length of the original contract and the other story is it will be paid in full when the buyout happens.
Brooks says the owners will obtain nearly all of their objections when they decided not to play last season.
Brooks said Roenick remarks are out of line; the players had no idea what the figure was in February since nothing had really been talked about in depth. Unless the NHL had a document ready to give to the PA in February, then the players should not be talking about a deal that was never known.
Brooks mentioned once the NHL saw behind the scene posturing from people like JR, the NHL knew they had the PA right where they wanted them. The players should have held together and then force the NHL to make the next move. Once JR and his Band were willing to take a cap, that disrupted the PA decision to hold out as long as two years.
Larry said it will 3-4 years to see how this shakes out for the PA, the owners get what they want in the short run, but things could look better for the PA down the road.