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Friday, June 24, 2005

nhl- Listen to the Broadcaster

from the Toronto Globe and Mail, A range of emotions will drive consumer reaction when, as expected, the National Hockey League reopens for business in the fall.
Indifference will be a problem in many U.S. markets. A residual anger over the cancelled season could make an impact on Canadian clubs. But here's a potential scenario and a contradiction: Canadian club owners could be hit hard by resentful fans refusing to buy tickets. (Hence the likelihood of marginally reduced ticket prices.) However, television- and radio-rights holders could actually benefit from the hard feelings and pull in larger audiences.
"The hockey fans will talk tough about punishing the NHL owners and players," speculated one broadcasting source. "They'll say they've given up on hockey and won't buy tickets. "But then they'll go home, close the door to the den and watch the games on TV. They won't be able to resist watching their favourite sport."
As a result, TV numbers could rise slightly as ticket sales decline. The Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames, in markets where the public seemed most upset over the lost season, would likely be hurt most by a fan backlash....more ...